MR SL 2018 – Challenges, results and winners !

photography by Lim Moen Ling


Last Saturday we have held the first runway challenge for the MR SL 2018 Candidates and got surprised by a group of very disciplined candidates, interesting outfits and learned about famous men of their countries, they were inspired by. This first challenge has been an ultimate check for us, to see how far the candidates experience and imagination in their styling goes and at which points we may have to raise the bars for each candidate individually.



The candidates have earned 623 points into their competition scores for the “Men of History” challenge. Four outfits received the highest score of 10 points from at least one judge. The majority of the points were assigned in the middle field of the scorecards, at 03 to 07 points for each individual candidate and styling. The candidates in MISS SL 2017 achieved 719 points in their first runway challenge, with 4 more participating candidates, hence we believe that our male counterparts have delivered an excellent start into the MR SL 2018 competition. We may thank the judges, who certainly had a hard task evaluating our candidates in this first opportunity.



We also thank the audience, who have joined the challenge show. The venue was filled and we may apologize if not everyone have found a seat. We are grateful for the many pictures, that have been posted after the show on the social networks, which mean a beautiful memory to the candidates and us also. We may extend our deepest gratitude towards our sponsors for the MR SL 2018 pageant, for their invaluable continued support.


After the challenge we invited the candidates, the judges and the audience also to the Rezzday party of Hikaru Enimo, Editor-in-Chief of the L’Homme Magazine SL and one of our strongest supporter to MISS SL Organization. In this event the candidates also had the opportunity to present their styling for the first mini challenge, a ‘black&white’ styling, meeting the events dress code. Additionally the candidates had to upload a picture of their styling to the MR SL 2018 Flickr group. After an extended deadline and some technical delays we have now the result. Three judges, representing the L’Homme Magazine SL, have reviewed the picture submissions and chose their three favorite styling, as seen below, in no particular order but alphabetical by their country name:

MR SL ♛ Czech Republic 2018 – Wassaabii

MR SL ♛ Czech - First Mini Challenge

MR SL ♛ Ecuador 2018 – – Mishi2223

MR SL ♛ Ecuador - First Mini Challenge

MR SL ♛ India 2018 – Paradox Messmer

MR SL ♛ [ India ] 2018 – First Mini Challenge

We congratulate this three winners of this first mini challenge, who have received each equally 30 points towards their competition scores. We thank all candidates for their participation in this mini challenge and also for their appearance at Hikaru’s rezzday party.



Before we reveal the second runway challenge, we certainly do not want to get the candidates feeling bored, so we have a first (regular) photo challenge for the MR SL 2018 candidates. The photo challenge differs to the mini challenges in the amount of judges who score the picture submissions and the amount of points that an individual candidate can earn towards their competition scores. A photo challenge gets judged and scored like a regular runway challenge, with 10 judges and 100 points as highest possible scoring per candidate.


The first photo challenge may sound easy at first glance, but we do hope for a boost of creativity and inspiration with this challenge. We are asking the candidates to choose their favorite quote in their favorite film and to reproduce the scene in a styling and a picture.

Julia Seton (Doris Nolan) and Johnny Case (Cary Grant) in Holidays (1938)

  • create a styling inspired by the actor in the film, whom the quote originates from. ATTENTION: Your favorite quote must be from a male actor.
  • create or find a scene in SL, in which you can take the picture in, more or less resembling the scene in the film. You are free to alter a scene as you wish or need to, depending on the capacities we have in SL to realize such settings. Just, the TITANIC film didn’t play in a forest and the TERMINATOR never visited a baroque palais setting. Other than that you are only limited to your own imagination, creativity and possibilities. Premade backdrop scenes are allowed. You may want to avoid green- respectively white screen settings for the picture.
  • Choose an editorial pose that shows your outfit well and matches the character of your actor and the scene, your favorite quote originates from.
  • Take a picture of your styling, with the chosen pose, in the scene. You must take your own picture.
  • You are allowed to enhance your picture with Photoshop or other editing software.

  • Upload your picture to Flickr and add it to the MR SL 2018 group.
  • The title of your picture must be: MR SL ♛ (your country) 2018 – First Photo Challenge ; e.g.: MR SL ♛ France 2018 – First Photo Challenge
  • Write in your picture description, what your favorite quote is, from who and from which film it is. (maybe add a link to a video clip of the scene, if available – optional)
  • Please describe, why this is your favorite quote.
  • Finally, add a complete credit list to your description or add a link to a post on your blog, where the credits are listed.

Nigel Kipling (Stanley Tucci) in The Devil wears Prada (2006)

Your picture must be submit to the MR SL 2018 Flickr group, properly titled and with the complete description and credits, until Thursday, October 19th, at 12:00 PM SLT.

We are looking forward for your submissions and wish all candidates much fun, success and luck with this first photo challenge. Please know, that you can use the MISS SL Pageant group and the pageant or general channel in the MISS SL Organization Discord server, if you need help, have questions, concerns or problems.

The second RUNWAY CHALLENGE will get posted on Sunday, October 15, 2017 at 12:00 PM SLT.

Kind Regards


Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

© October 2017 – MISS SL Organization

MR SL 2018

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