MR SL 2018 – The First Runway Challenge – Men of History

Albert Einstein, Physicist, Germany

Hello dear candidates to MR SL ♛ 2018,

now we are starting with the competition, to find out, who becomes the man of the year, MR SL ♛ 2018. We are very excited to begin with you this journey and hope that you will like this first challenge. In this first runway challenge, you will have the first opportunity to introduce the country, that you are representing within the MR SL ♛ 2018 pageant.

Please read below carefully:

  • Please research for a man of history, that was born or lived most of their life in the country you are representing, and is popular respectively recognized for leaving an a noticeable impact.This can be a man from art, science, industry, nobility, fashion, modeling, media or anything in between.
  • Please be careful about politicians and how your man of history is seen for politics today. Understand, that some men of history may be seen controversial about their political beliefs.
  • Please do not choose clergymen of any religion.
  • You are not limited to a certain historic era or century, but your choice may not be living person.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Musician, Austria

  • The person of your choice must have been an actual living person, characters from fairytales or sagas are not valid for your choice.
  • Please style an outfit, that would impersonate the man of your choice, in a way, that it is not a copy (i.e. of a painting or photography) but inspired by. Your outfit can show elements, that are typical for the man of your choice, for their work, for their art or whatever they may have contributed for your country.
  • Please choose your accessory carefully and make sure it is 100% perfect added and adjusted to your avatar and movements.
  • Please choose a walk, a default pose and modeling poses for one stop, that lasts approximately 40 seconds. Please be prepared that your stop on the runway may last longer than 40 seconds, also.

Henry VIII, King, United Kingdom

  • Please submit a styling description at our website. The link and the password to access the styling card submission form, will be sent to you personally within a notecard on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.
  • Please fill all fields in the form with the requested information. Your styling credits need to contain all elements you have been using to complete your outfit. Custom or exclusive creations must be listed separately in the according form field.
  • Please write in your description, by whom you were inspired by and explain the reasons.The description of your inspiration should not be longer than 150 words. If your description is longer than 150 words, we reserve the right to cut the text at our sole discretion.
  • Please message a team member, if you are in doubt about the formulation, spelling or grammar within your description. We will be able to overlook your description and suggest adjustments and changes.
  • Please add one or two raw pictures of your styling to the form. The pictures should be simple with a blank background, to only focus on the styling.
  • The styling description must be submitted and received by Friday, October 06, 2017 until 12:00 PM latest. You are only eligible to walk in the runway challenge, if you have submitted your styling description by the day and time indicated.

Mahatma Gandhi, Politician, India

Rehearsals for the first runway challenge are scheduled for Friday, October 06, 2017 at 10:00 AM and 05:00 PM SLT. It is mandatory to participate one of the both scheduled rehearsals, to be eligible to walk in the challenge. We will send a notecard with the walk order and further instructions to you in the early morning before the rehearsal.

The first runway challenge in the MR SL ♛ 2018 pageant is scheduled for Saturday, October 07, 2017 at 10:00 AM SLT and is open for public audience.

Please feel free to contact any team member, if you have question, issues or concerns. We are looking forward to see your styling ideas, to learn about your inspiration and the man of history, that you are going to show to us in this challenge.

And so… ‘Let the games begin!’

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

© October 2017 – MISS SL Organization

MR SL 2018

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