MR SL 2018 – The result of the first audition and first titles have been assigned!

Beautiful picture by Kody Meyers of the audition venue

Back from the summer break, we have started the sequence of events for the MR SL 2018 pageant with the first live audition last weekend. We have been able to invite to a spectacular venue, an Asian setting, decorated by Lokhe Angel-Verlack, originally seen first at the latest Relay for Life event and then recently at a private ceremony for a marriage. Apparently our audience have enjoyed the breathtaking setting – soon after the audition the social networks filled quickly with photographs and blogs from our venue.

The 7 aspirants, who have walked in our audition have given their best, to showcase themselves and their A/W 2017 Male Fashion styling they have prepared for their appearance. Clearly, our esteemed judges honor the effort and have rewarded all aspirants with votes to enter the MR SL 2018 competition. Hence we were able to ask all 7 aspirants after the audition, which countries they would like to represent in the upcoming pageant and the result is as follows:

MR SL ♛ Colombia 2018 – Lljoe
MR SL ♛ Czech Republic 2018 – Wassaabii
MR SL ♛ Germany 2018 – Malice Yven
MR SL ♛ Italy 2018 – AarronMillerMilles
MR SL ♛ Netherlands 2018 – Pascal Kira
MR SL ♛ UK 2018 – DragonGuyUK
MR SL ♛ USA 2018 – Matthias Zander

Congrats to the gentlemen, who are official candidates to the MR SL 2018 pageant now. We wish you all the best for the competition. You will receive a notice in the MISS SL Pageant group today, describing how to design your country title as a group tag. You will be contacted within the next days for your official photography and later in September we will invite for a runway workshop, that we may suggest to participate, before we begin with the challenges in the competition.

Pictures by Moon Ling from the audition:

Pictures by Kody Meyers from the audition venue:


We thank all, who have come to see and support the aspirants in our audition, for the many beautiful pictures you posted, our panel of judges who had the hard task to evaluate the aspirants capabilities and we do extend our gratitude to our sponsors, for their invaluable and continued support.

The application for the MR SL 2018 Pageant is still open for the September round and we have scheduled a second and last live audition, on September 30th. Details were posted with our initial call for the application begin and the application is open until September 24th. The second audition call will be published the same day and we look forward for another exciting event ahead.

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

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