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After a few weeks of thoughtful consideration we are happy to publish the following statement to you in regards to the MISS/MR SL Pageants.

  • the gender policy, used in MISS SL 2015 and MR SL 2016, which determines, that only RL females are eligible to enter the MISS SL and only RL males are eligible to enter the MR SL pageant, is hereby canceled and will not be in effect for the future MISS and MR SL pageants. For the current MISS SL 2016 pageant we may assume that all candidates have applied under the rules given to the time of the application process, for their own favour.


When MISS SL Organization was created and the MISS/MR SL pageants were started, we have trust the experience of our friends, who have organize and produce similar  events before. Today we have enough own experience to follow our own vision of MISS SL in its entire structure more determined. MISS SL Organization is in no way a LGBT orientated community but a community to support the fashion and modeling industry in Second Life. We have come to the conclusion that a prove of gender identity for Second Life residents is not only impossible but also worthless. Despite that a gender rule only attracts residents to create fake accounts, to establish cheats and even worse, to encourage others to protect, witness or support their questionable identity, we simply do not feel that MISS SL Organization is supposed to be a gender police. Our task is to support the applying and aspiring models, regardless their RL identity. We assume that every account applying for the pageant title will be determined and confident enough, to win the judges favour in the challenges and further events for their advantage.

The cancelation of the gender policy will not mean, that we will mention or encourage a particular gender or sexuality in the application rules for the pageant participation. In the process of the pageants we trust that the aspirants, candidates and judges will follow a common sense (i.e. that a male avatar impossibly can be a MISS SL candidate and less a winner). In the case that we feel our trust and integrity abused we reserve the right to revoke candidacies and titles with or without notification.

  • the live interviews, as proceed in the previous MISS and MR SL pageants will remain untouched of the gender policy cancelation and are mandatory for all candidates. A candidate to MISS/MR SL must be able to perform voice interviews to any given moment and especially for the scheduled live interviews. 


The live interviews have proven to be the best mirror to a persons character. We believe that the judges only will be able to learn truly about a persons character, if they get more insight from a person, than with typed paragraphs. Especially in Second Life, we often experience many ways of miscommunication since the majority of Second Life users rely on the typed words only. In our experience a persons identity becomes more realistic and true with the spoken word. We are well aware that a voice interview still does not show all of a persons aspects but we believe, it is a valuable addition, which we would like to keep as a standard in the process of the pageants.

For users with speech disabilities in any form we will offer exceptions, which should be considered in a candidates favour. We are unable and unwilling to disclose details about potential exceptions publicly, since the live interviews in the MISS and MR SL pageants are meant to be confidential and are not of public matter in any way. Potential aspirants to the MISS and MR SL pageants must ask an exception before their application.

  • Members of the MISS and MR SL pageant organization are not allowed to be in chat or voice conferences with judges during the process of a runway challenge, the press presentation or the finale. Judges are provided with the VPC code of a show and have the ability to request further appeareances of single candidates in the VPC chat or in direct message to the show producer or runway director.


There are two reasons for this decision. We have experienced chat and voice conferences in previous MISS and MR SL pageants as well as in other contests. While we have been in the questionable favour to have been invited to the one and other conference, we also know from other judges, who felt left out and did not understand the reason for not getting invited, while they knew very well, that this conferences are taking place. We have already signalized our disgust for such elitist thinking from certain directions and hope that we do justice to those, who felt left out in previous occasions. The other reason is, that we think, that the opinion of a member  of the pageant organization may not influence the scoring process at all, but we have experienced otherwise in previous occasions. It is just a logical consequence to avoid the possibility of individuals taking influence on the judges scoring, wherever we can, in order to protect the interests and hard work of the candidates as well as our own integrity and authenticity.

We have provided the judges of the recent MISS SL 2016 challenges with the VPC code, since we believe it will give the judges a more honest insight in the true happening backstage and the individual performance of the candidates, than the unasked opinion of a third party. The VPC codes will be provided to all judges in the judges instructions prior to each challenge, press presentation and the finale.

  • MISS and MR SL pageants will consist of extra- or mini challenges, which will allow candidates to earn extra scores. These mini-challenges will be of different kind and can be judged by a special assigned panel of judges or one particular, experienced, judge. Each mini-challenge will have five winner, who receive equally 50 points to their competition scores. The participation in the mini-challenge is not mandatory for the candidates and only the results of the winners are to be published by MISS SL Organization. The mini challenges take place between the runway challenges, live interview, press presentation or finale or can be part of a particular runway challenge.


We have already this feature in the recent challenges for the MISS SL 2016 pageant and found that the mini-challenges are a great way to encourage for more engagement, to figure and honor individual skills. While the runway challenges are supposed to display a certain increase in the sophistication from the first to the last challenges, particularily to see for the candidates styling skills, creativity and posing performances, we believe, that the mini challenges can provide a wider range of opportunities for a candidate to showcase their varies of skills and so give to the judges and the audience a better impression on the individuality of a candidate rather than just by runway shows.

We understand the mini challenges in an experimental stage still, but will establish this addition into the pageants as we see the results and development and hope it will be welcome by the candidates as well as our followers and supporters.

  • The country selection process will only be opened after the first mandatory meeting within the future MISS and MR SL pageants.


We believe that the previous handling, to open the country selection after each audition for the selected candidates, has been unfair to the following candidates from the following  auditions. We also suspect that we have seen aspirants joining the pageant, only to reserve their certain favorite country, for the case they will continue the participation, or not, depending on their mood. Hence it is in the aspirants, the candidates and in our interest to allow a country selection only after the last audition, when the first mandatory meeting has taken place and we can estimate, who actually will participate the pageant.

If a candidate, who has chosen their country, withdraws from the competition for any reason, they cannot carry the country title longer. The country title becomes vacant for the duration of the running competition, but cannot get chosen by another candidate  then to switch their country. Please read below also.

  • Only a candidate, who has participate the finale of a competition, will be recognized with their country title and the year of their participation for all times. We reserve the right to revoke a country title, as well as the runner up titles to any time, with or without notification, as an ultima ratio tool to prevent damage to the fashion- and modeling industry and MISS SL Organization.


While we certainly acknowledge every pageant participants efforts within the competition, we also think it is unfair, if a candidate, who has not participate until the finale, carries the same honor as those, who have. Exceptions are made for withdrawals due to health- and family issues individually, if we can be assured, that the candidate in question is interested to follow and support their fellow candidates in the further process of the competition and/or future candidates in the MISS and MR SL pageants.

We understand well, that this may be understood as a double standard, but we prefer to pay tribute to our acknowledgement of each individual candidates effort, rather than to let a person down, who maybe need our support most, in a time where it is needed.

This changes and additions to the rules of the MISS and MR SL pageants are taking effect by today, April 25, 2016 and are subject to change to any given time, if we see a requirement.

Additional statements concerning MISS SL Academy, MISS SL Agency, MISS SL Magazine, Pour SL Homme and Pour SL Femme are in preparation and will be published after finished consideration.



MISS SL Organization | Owner

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