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In order to avoid misunderstandings and confusions in future I`m making the announcement I did three weeks ago on my personal Facebook page, here officially again, acknowledging that not everyone is able to read my Facebook posts due to the limitation to my friends only or is unable to keep up with the speed and amount of my posts.

I´ve been a supporter to the Hispanic community since the very begin of my entry into the fashion- and modeling world, recognizing the large capacity of great talents and engaged minds this particular community unifies, especially in the MISS MUNDO VIRTUAL Organization and pageant. Therefor i did not only sponsor but also judge the recent pageant challenges and the Grand Finale. Since I did so, and especially since the most of my team in the MISS SL Organization originate from the MISS MUNDO VIRTUAL organization, it was not a question but a logical conclusion to me, that the current and future reigning winners of the MISS/MR MUNDO VIRTUAL pageants are automatically permitted to enter the MISS/MR SL pageant without having to apply or to audition again.

The reasons for this decision have this very personal background, but also the fact that I know, that the MISS MUNDO VIRTUAL regulations are the same high quality standard as I intend for MISS/MR SL, and therefor the winner of the MISS/MR MUNDO VIRTUAL pageants have ALREADY met the requirements for a candidature in MISS/MR SL pageants.

This morning I`ve been accused by some account (probably an alternate one anyway) to have made this decision for “race”-matters. To put this very clear, despite that HISPANIC describes the world-wide spread community of the same language speaking rather than a race, but if there is any larger community in Second Life running a pageant of a scale meeting the standards we`re intending for MISS/MR SL pageant, then it`s quite possible that we invite the regarding current and future winners to our pageant as candidates without having to apply or to audition as well. This is meant for pageants which represent more than one country, more than a specific, limited group of persons and requires that your pageant meets the certain scale of quality we`re intending for MISS/MR SL pageant. In such cases I`m open for discussion, the final decision about only can be done by my own discretion though, since after all, I own MISS SL Organization and no one else.


Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization | Owner


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