“We do intend to do it every time better”

“Rhiananna is MISS SL ♛ 2017” were my words last Saturday, at the end of the grandest event, that I had the honor to produce to date. We have had 6 months of castings, auditions, meetings, exciting runway challenges, the live interviews, the press presentation and then the Grand Finale. Fourteen candidates competed in the […]

MISS SL 2017 – The Fifth Runway Challenge – The Golden 1920’s

Source: Glamourdaze Hello Ladies, In the last of the regular runway challenges, we are doing a quick time travel and hope, that you will enjoy. We will celebrate the golden 1920’s in our next challenge. The 20’s are often described as the “roaring” 20’s. After the devastating years of the first world war people seeked […]

MISS SL 2017 – The Fourth Runway Challenge – La Dulce Vida

Hello dear candidates, we know, that you are excited to know the fourth runway challenge. This challenge is thought by MISS SL 2016, Ivyana Szondi, in her function as reigning MISS SL and MISS SL Agency CEO, to follow the tradition of a challenge, that is initiated by the MISS SL Agency Managment. MISS SL Agency […]

MISS SL 2017 – The Third Runway Challenge – Miranda is back!

Hello Ladies, official candidates in the MISS SL 2017 pageant, in your third challenge we are paying tribute to the film The Devil wears Prada, which was greatly received by the fashion and modeling community in 2006. Meryl Streep was celebrated and awarded for her role as Miranda Priestly, editor-in-chief of the Runway Magazine, in The Devil wears Prada. While […]

MISS SL 2017 – The Second Runway Challenge – Spring is in the Air!

Hello Ladies, official candidates in the MISS SL 2017 pageant, First of all, it is my honor and pleasure to congratulate you all again for performing a beautiful and fabulous show with the first runway challenge “Women of the World”. Not only have you shown very interesting minimal chic styling ideas, but we also had […]

MISS SL 2017 – The first runway challenge – Women of the World!

Hello to all official candidates in the MISS SL 2017 Pageant, finally we can begin with the competition and I am very excited and hope you are too. The first runway challenge is traditionally easy and for us to see, how far we can or need to push your limits within the competition. For each of […]

MISS SL 2017 – The Country Assignment

The MISS SL 2017 official candidates had yesterday the opportunity to submit their choices of countries, they would like to represent in the upcoming MISS SL 2017 pageant. As with all pageants and international competitions in virtual worlds, two or more participants often origin from same countries and therefor we are only able to assign […]

MISS SL 2017 – Results from the second live audition and all official candidates!

Yesterdays audition was the last step, after three months of application process, six castings and finally two auditions. While we were not sure how the castings would be received, we do acknowledge that our decision to change the picture selection from the previous years pageants into a process of application and castings, has allowed the judges […]


  We are calling today the aspirants the judges would like to see for the coming second and last audition of the MISS SL 2017 pageant.  We did have six castings in December, January and February – and we are happy and grateful for the many applications we have received. The aspirants from the last three castings, […]

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