MISS SL 2017 – The Country Assignment

The MISS SL 2017 official candidates had yesterday the opportunity to submit their choices of countries, they would like to represent in the upcoming MISS SL 2017 pageant. As with all pageants and international competitions in virtual worlds, two or more participants often origin from same countries and therefor we are only able to assign countries on a first come – first serve basis. In MISS SL Organization we embrace all cultures and languages to our best ability. With this in mind, official MISS and MR SL candidates are presented with the current list of nations, officially acknowledged by and represented as a member within the United Nations, at the time before the competition begins.

As a result of yesterdays country selection and assignment process – we are happy to present the entire list of official candidates in the MISS SL 2017 Pageant today, sorted alphabetical by their assigned countries:

MISS SL ♛ Austria 2017 – RoyaleSun
MISS SL ♛ Belgium 2017 – Roberta Aulder
MISS SL ♛ Brazil 2017 – samanthastell
MISS SL ♛ China 2017 – Sequane
MISS SL ♛ Denmark 2017 – Rhiananna
MISS SL ♛ France 2017 – etoilerose
MISS SL ♛ Germany 2017 – Elita Wardell
MISS SL ♛ Ireland 2017 – Sydney420 Ashbourne
MISS SL ♛ Italy 2017 – Sahra Freschi
MISS SL ♛ Japan 2017 – Jaily Bailey
MISS SL ♛ Mexico 2017 – Melinda Bayn
MISS SL ♛ Portugal 2017 – Skie Summers
MISS SL ♛ Romania 2017 – MarylineMaby
MISS SL ♛ Russia 2017 – peytonjayne
MISS SL ♛ South Korea 2017 – ZionP
MISS SL ♛ Spain 2017 – GretaConCarbo
MISS SL ♛ Sweden 2017 – Sakura Zimberman
MISS SL ♛ UK 2017 – Lilyan Arcana
MISS SL ♛ USA 2017 – Maile Michinaga
MISS SL ♛ Venezuela 2017 – Naarnisse

We congratulate the ladies for their assigned countries and do look forward to see each single candidate representing the individual cultures and communities at their best.


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© February 2017 – a MISS SL Organization Press Release


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