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The Press Presentation Challenge – Paper my Portrait

Acheron Pera – For MISS SL Magazine “Paint my Portrait”

Hello Ladies,

We are almost at the finale for MISS SL 2016 and it is time to introduce the candidates to the relevant Second Life media. For this occasion we think it is appropriate to call for another challenge, which will showcase your styling skills, your ability to do researches and your person in a best possible form. In this challenge you have the unique opportunity to give the audience a deep impression of your character and your ability to express your personality in styling and posing. It is your chance to show off all your skills at once… not only to the judges panel from the media, but ALSO to the public. More importantly maybe is, that you will have the chance to express a message to all, which is dear to you.

Papercraft Couture – by modernitycollective.com

Once again, with less blabla, sugar coat and mumbo jumbo, here is your challenge:

Before all:

  • Please write a short (max 150 words) message, which is directed from you as woman to the rest of us about a particular cause, you are supporting. This can be anything i.e. like Peace for the World, Food for all, separate toilet rooms for Justin Bieber fan´s, whatever floats your mind. You may want to make sure to keep your message free of any political or religious beliefs. Your message is meant to be supportive, encouraging, inspirational.


  • Please research the internet for a painting showing a woman as the main subject, which you think would express or show yourself and the message you have, the most. The painting can be from ANY artist from ANY century and ANY movement. It MUST be a painting, no photography or any other form is permitted. Important will be, that you see yourself in the painting and that you will style inspired by your choice with the conditions below:
  • Please style a PAPER COUTURE inspired outfit, based on the painting of your choice. Paper Couture means that you will need to select this certain fabrics and materials, which are commonly used for a Paper Couture styling. Paper Couture also means, that it is couture, it is not something one wears casually, it`s not even for a ready to wear collection, it is an unique one-of-a-kind-styling, just created for this one occasion.
  • For this styling you MUST use at least 3 colors – any jewelry material, such as gold, silver, platinum etc and white and black do NOT count as colors.
  • Please prepare a walk and poses for TWO stops (each approximately 40 seconds lasting). The poses ideally will express the emotions of your woman of choice as is expressed in the painting by the artist and/or will support the message you have. Therefor your poses can be different, expressive and bold… but please make sure to follow the common standards as usual i.e. not to break with prims through your skin etc.
  • Please have a reserve pose prepared just in case.

Zuzanna Grychowska – by glose.fr

In the press presentation you will be asked by the judges a question oft their choice, each of you ONE individual question. If you require an interpreter to be present for you backstage, please inform Marcus Lefevre as soon as you know, who your interpreter will be. You will have to give your answer to the judges question formulated in English in a second walk. Details will be explained in the rehearsals.

  • In your styling description please describe briefly what your inspiration has been . Please keep this description short, you are limited to 150 words. Please know, that the show-script writers will love you more, if you decide to write your description from a 3rd persons perspective. Your styling description is different to your message, you will find TWO separate text areas for this in the styling card submission form.
  • Please provide weblinks to pictures of your Paper Couture inspiration(s) to allow us an idea.
  • Please attach a picture of the woman painting you have been inspired by. Please rename the picture with the name of the artist and the name of the picture, if known.
  • Please attach a raw shot of your styling – no excessive photoshop-ing please, a white canvas as background or something simple is just fine
  • Your styling description must be submit and received until FRIDAY, MAY 20, 12:00 P.M. SLT. Any later sent descriptions will not be considered for the show script.

Please note, the weblink for the styling description is the SAME as for the previous challenges, as well as the password required for the form submission. Please inform us, if you have lost the notecard we have sent to you. Please also inform us IMMEDIATELY if you should encounter troubles while submitting the webform.

Never without my Hat – for VOGUE Italia – from morakimou.tumblr.com


The raw shots of your styling will be exhibited for a PUBLIC VOTING after the challenge until FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016. Each public vote equals 1 score towards your competition scores. Potential proceeds from the public voting will be forwarded to the Angel Manor Charity Management to benefit THE HUNGER PROJECT.

Rehearsals for this challenge are scheduled for FRIDAY, MAY 20, 10:00 A.M. and 05:00 P.M. SLT. To attend one rehearsal is MANDATORY, you are free to attend both, of course. The challenge is scheduled for SATURDAY, MAY 21, 10:00 A.M. SLT at the Opera House of the Rose Theatre at the Angel Manor and is open for public audience.

I have nothing left but to wish you all good luck for the press presentation and hope that you enjoy the challenge and the styling.


SignatureMISS SL Organization | Owner

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