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The search for MISS SL 2016 has begun, the first application round is open until December 20, 2015 and we already have entries. Do you have what it takes to become the next MISS SL? Application rounds and Auditions are held in December, January and February, the challenges take place from March to May, the Grand Finale for MISS SL 2016 is scheduled for May 28th, 10 a.m. SLT! And to start the row of events we have published our first trailer for MISS SL 2016 today, we hope you like!

If you have any questions about MISS SL 2016, the application or MISS SL Organization in general, please feel free to contact us via our Support Portal or inworld, AbbyJean Resident or Marcusgay Lefevre. Sponsorship information is available on request. Please join the MISS SL Organization group to stay tuned about MISS SL 2016 and all our activities.

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