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The Definition of Class – The CHANEL challenge

Hello Ladies,

two weeks have been hopefully enough for you to recover energy and motivation for the upcoming three weeks of challenges. For this coming, new, challenge, we are guests at one of the most renowned fashion houses of the industry, CHANEL. Coco Chanel has been one of the most inspiring women of the last century, not only for fashion and accessories, but also for lifestyle. While CHANEL is a synonym for a certain kind of lifestyle, CHANEL is for many women THE defintion of classy, elegant and timeless chic. Of course CHANEL is also known for high priced Pret-a-Porter collections as well as for outstanding Haute Couture worn only by those, who can afford to pay outrageous prices for exclusive high-end fashion. Nevertheless, there is this quote by Coco Chanel, which is the inspiration for this particular CHANEL challenge:

The best things in life are free, the second best are very, very expensive

It surely is one of the most popular quotes believed to be said by Coco Chanel and it does express so much more about CHANEL as one of the leading brands. While the quote refers to the things in our life, we are unable to pay because they are invaluable, combined often with emotions, the quote determines the challenge literally. Please read below carefully:

                      • Please research the past and current CHANEL Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture Collections, preferably for the Spring/Summer seasons, but not limited to. You are free to pick any you like, to get inspired for an outfit to style from.
                      • For this challenge you may only use up to (max) 3 purchased items and you have to use at least (min) 2 free items. 1 pair of an item, i.e. 2 shoes or 2 earrings of the same kind will count as 1.
                      • Further you are limited to two colors of your choice. any color is allowed – white, ivory or black count as a potential color of your choice too, of course.
                      • Following items are NOT considered as free/purchased items: poses, walks, skins, hairs, eyes, eye brows, lashes, make up, mesh body parts, hair bases, alpha masks, any body part in general.

Coco Chanel photographed by Douglas Kirkland

Please submit a styling description until FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 12:00 P.M. SLT. Any later sent descriptions will not be considered for the show script. Your styling description ideally contains this elements:

  • a brief description, which collection you have been inspired by and why you choose it for this challenge. You are limited to max 150 words for this description. Please submit a weblink to a picture of your inspiration below the description text.
  • a detailed listing of ALL items used for your styling, incl. the designer/brand name. INCL the free items. Please mark the free items accordingly.
  • a separated listing of ALL items used for your styling, which have been exclusively or custom created for your appeareance in this challenge for MISS SL 2016, incl. the designer/brand name.
  • a raw picture of your styling – no excessive photoshop-ing please, a white canvas as background or something simple is just fine.

Please note, the weblink for the styling description is the SAME as for the previous challenges, as well as the password required for the form submission. Please inform us, if you have lost the notecard we have sent you.

Rehearsals for this challenge are scheduled for FRIDAY, APRIL 08, 10:00 A.M. and 05:00 P.M. SLT. To attend one rehearsal is MANDATORY, you are free to attend both, of course. The challenge is scheduled for SATURDAY, APRIL 09, 10:00 A.M. SLT and is open for public audience.

This styling should express how you would want to represent CHANEL as a Top Model on a runway. It will have to express your understanding of Chanel´s definition of class, elegance and female attitude. It is your spotlight, your show, Mr. Lagerfeld is your boss (and is likely to dismiss you, if you mess it up).

Good Luck and break a pixel!



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