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MISS SL 2016 – Ivyana Szondi and Marcus Lefevre after the GRAND FINALE – photographed by MR SL USA 2016 -Stavaros

Who thought at the begin of the year, I`d give up or break in… I do hope that you have watched closely the last half year. MISS SL 2016 was the celebration of Beauty, Creativity and Talent, I´ve always wanted it to be. An intentionally imperfect one. To cut certain ropes has left me back like, as some used to express it, the child in the candy store. What does an unsupervised child do though? They try out all and everything they get in mind.

And exactly that I did in MISS SL 2016 and sure will continue to do. Certainly I´m not loosing my basics out of sight. As open minded I may be, or hope I am… I`m conservative by heart too. Being conservative doesn`t mean to be inflexible.

It has been a learning process from the first audition until the finale, and in my case, it remains a constant lesson. I do hope that the candidates for MISS SL 2016 have experienced it in the same way for themselves, be it through the challenges or the encounters they did have with the other candidates and the MISS SL 2016 team.

I do have to thank the candidates, who have been so patient with me and my little ticks. I am quite aware, that it is hard at times to follow my thoughts and to understand my broken English. I have to apologize to those candidates, who feel, that we have not looked after them as much as they have hoped we would.

At the end, in the finale, it were just 12 we could call anyway, and from this 12 just 5 who would be receiving a title. If you were not within this 12, that doesn`t smaller your achievement in any way. I hope that you will carry your country title with pride and that we will be able to pick you up from your spot and have you a home and family in MISS SL Organization, independent and regardless to your other ventures.

I have to thank the candidates for their trust, their engagement and motivation, all of your efforts in the MISS SL 2016 pageant have made it a fabulous celebration of Beauty, Creativity and Talent indeed.

We just have begin the planning around and some know already, we will hold a MISS SL 2016 Charity Ball at the Rose Theatre at June 18 and we plan to dedicate the event to The Hunger Project, a cause you have supported so greatly in the competition with the Angel Manor Faberge Egg Hunt and during the public voting mini-challenge already. As I said in the meetings we did have, the finale show does not mean necessarily the end already. I would be very happy to see if we invite all our friends, families and supporters to a fabulous

ARABIC NIGHT – the MISS SL 2016 Charity Ball on June 18, 2016 @ The Rose Theatre.

I would have to spend holidays to thank those, who have helped for the MISS SL 2016 pageant front- and backstage and sometimes not obvious at all.

Foremost all, there is of course SaianSamuel, MR SL ♛ 2016, who has direct the runway in all shows, but more than that, has been available for every candidate for feedback, questions and problems and …has been one of the few who have encouraged me, when I felt not well or was not to overly motivated at all. Thanks to Saianito for being more than runway director but a dear friend, who cares.

It is a logical decision to ask Saian to take over the most prestigious position in MISS SL Organization and so I´m very glad that he has agreed to take over MISS SL Academy entirely. He has the experience with being a modeling instructor since years already and is the very best available to realize the sophistication we set in MISS SL Academy.

Every and each part of a pageant, the meetings, the challenges, and of course the finale need hours to days of preparation and no one ever would be able to do such alone or with two only. It requires a team, who are dedicated by heart, because they believe in what they are doing and don´t expect anything in return.

She has volunteer for the MR SL 2016 finale already and has then taken over the charge for the hosting part and spend the one and other night over the script, to then host our shows flawlessly and yet ready to adapt to any of my sometimes strange ideas.

To Venom and her mother Rissa, who has helped at the end backstage too, I only can say many thanks for putting up with me and for making sure, that the shows were prepared in time.

One person, who has helped backstage too, is Diesel Nightfire. If I say, that I don´t want to see him in the upcoming MR SL 2017 pageant backstage, then it is only because I would like to see him ON the stage, maybe again as MR SL ♛ Netherlands, even if it means that we wont be able to rely on your valuable help during shows as much as during MISS SL 2016.

Many thanks to the DJs blake and Wain as well, who have tried their best to satisfy my wishes for music in the shows as well and have had the difficult task to be the stream hosts too. I know by my own how difficult it can be, to DJ, to read from a script, and eventually keep an eye on the actual happening to the same time too.

Photography by MR SL ♛ USA 2016 – Stavaros

A major part in MISS SL 2016 did have the support of the MR´s from the recent MR SL 2016 pageant. be it Maxtor, MR SL ♛ Argentina 2016 and Chief Communication Manager for MISS SL Organization who helps me to find the rights words to the right time or MR SL ♛ USA 2016, Stavaros, who has not only been an adviser and mentor to the candidates in MISS SL 2016, but also provided some beautiful photography from the challenges and for the mini-challenges.

I´m grateful of the both loyalty to MISS SL Organization but also to the MR`s, who have been in the panel of judges throughout the competition.

It are all judges together, who are responsible at the end for the result and therefore it is not only my gratitude but also my deepest respect for taking up on the difficult task to judge the candidates, which I have to express to:

MR SL ♛ Puerto Rico 2016 – Angelus Bunin, Boniefacio, Dahriel, Diana Balhaus, DreamLove, Eleseren Brianna, Gretel Bulloch, Hikaru Enimo, Jena Adder, Kain Aristocrat, Kat Carter, MR SL ♛ Mexico 2016 – Khronoz, Lisa Valentino Angel, Mika Palmyra, Mimi Juneau, Nieve Thor, Parisian Skytower, Redtess, Selena Moonlight Wayne, Selene Snowpaw, Shakti Adored, MISS SL ♛ 2015 – Shinobu Istmal, Tadeu Gartner, Tania Tebaldi, MR SL ♛ Portugal 2016 – Thi Shippe, MR SL ♛ Spain 2016 – Tonny Rey.

I do hope that you have enjoyed seeing the candidates growing and evolving and that we may count for your expertise in the future pageants again.

Nothing ever would happen in a pageant, if there wouldn`t be the sponsors and supporters in the background. It does mean a lot, that you have trust MISS SL Organization to expose your brand in the best possible way during the competition and we hope that we have been able to fulfill your expectations to a least.

Foremost all, I do have to thank my loving loved ex and now superior in my task as Chief Brand Officer for EGOISME Ltd as well as Kaya Angel for providing us with most magnificent venues one can think of. To have been able to produce shows at the EGOISME Fashion Galleria is a true privilege and the sets, that Kaya provided to us, were not only exceptional but also forward in the way of thinking. Thank you both, for your invitations and your trust, that we may honor your generosity.

All put together… it was a fabulous half year and as mentioned before, a fabulous celebration of Beauty, Creativity and Talent. It certainly was not planned, that he Grand Finale would last 7 hours, but at the end, it just honors the hard and much work everyone put into the pageant from the begin. To rush the finale down, just because… would be unthinkable to me. I´ve to thank Aleykat, Badone, Sparkie Cyberstar and Mimi Carpenter for their flexibility and patience with us. Aley`s and Mimi`s performances have been the perfect touch to a finale event we all will remember long.

Especially the TOP 12 winner and foremost all, the winner, the new crowned MISS SL ♛ 2016, Ivyana Szondi, probably will remember the finale show for their lifetime, I only can imagine the pressure they must have felt during the last hours in the show.

Congratulations to you all again and, many thanks for everything.

As I said before, in the meetings and above, MISS SL didn´t end there and I will do my best to keep you all in my sight, not to repeat the errors from the previous year.

As the celebration never should end, I have quietly opened the application for the MR SL 2017 pageant a few days ago, all preparations are ongoing already. The plan was to have auditions in July and August only, but realizing that the new adjusted rules of the application process may be interesting for some, who didn´t dare to apply for a pageant before, I have open the application earlier and look forward for you guys to submit your pictures and applications.

Honoring the gender rule statement I have done before, I´ve also added an opportunity for potential aspirants with speech and hearing disability to apply, even though we still insist on live interviews. I think that those live interviews should not be scary, but they are a welcome opportunity to get a candidate known better, than what we see from them on the runways only. Yet, there are eventually potential aspirants, who have to rely on help  and we should give everyone there a chance too.

I´ve updated also the rules (or my mind, name it as you want) regarding a “mesh policy”. To decline mesh bodies and mesh heads for a pageant does not add any chance for development to the industry and market but causes hesitations, doubts and eventually less interest by those, who are intending to bring our virtual world forward. The pageant industry just will have to face the fact, that mesh avatars are nowadays chosen by a major part of our small society for the appearance. Who am I, or who are we, that we would dictate them not to be able to have those technical forward avatars in pageants too?

I know that mesh avatars in which form ever, can be as individual as a standard avatar too and I`m so very sure that our judges will agree with me as well, once we begin the competition.

There are tons of plans on my desk for the next months and half year, but i will be carfully to share them in detail, just because I know where that usually leads to. Just so much, we`re just about to install certain accounts into very particular positions, beginning with SaianSamuel, MR SL ♛ 2016, who takes charge of MISS SL Academy and Ivyana Szondi, MISS SL ♛ 2016, who will be taking over MISS SL Agency, but not ending with this two. Both are meant to build their own teams and I look forward to see both entities living up.

Further I do here the announcement already, but it may take me a few weeks to begin with the installation:

Coming soon!


That`s all, …seriously – …for now at least.

Before I close this post, once again, thank you all for your trust and support so far. We are not perfect, we are not elite, we are not claiming to be the top notch of everything… we`re just here to learn and improve.

Kind regards


MISS SL Organization | Owner

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