MISS SL 2015 – Video from the 3rd Runway Challenges Broadcast

We´re very grateful and excited to be able to present the video of the broadcast from the 3rd runway challenge for MISS SL 2015. The theme of the challenge was “The Golden Age of Imperial China”, inspired by Abineri Ang.

Many thanks to Ms Carilynn OHare and Mr Boniefacio Boucher for being such competent but also fun talk guests and to AIM Productions to again providing us with a smooth and excellent Broadcast as well as for the video.


By that, I´ve heard a little bird singing, the video of the 4th challenge is on it`s way already as well, probably available tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who had part in this so very spectacular show.

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre
MISS SL Organization | Owner

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May 2015

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