MISS SL 2015 – The first runway challenge “Why do you relay” on YOUTUBE!

It`s been a very emotional and moving show, the first runway challenge for MISS SL 2015 at Fashion 4 Life 2015 and we´re very happy to be able to show you the video, broadcasted and produced by AIM Productions today, while the Misses work hard to prepare for the 2nd runway challenge.

Comments are made by Sofia Diage, Mimi Juneau and Marcus Lefevre, me… (good lord, I´ve to adjust my voice).

We hope you enjoy the video, thanks to Boniefacio.



And it`s only 1 day left that the Misses have to make their turn on the runway again, this second time also at Fashion For Life 2015. The styling challenge for tomorrow is “Mythical Goddess” and we´re starting the broadcast at 09.45 a.m. SLT. Guests will be tomorrow Mimi Juneau and Huntington Harbour, moderated by Sofia Diage. If you cannot join us directly at the Fashion 4 Life runway, you can watch the live broadcast here.

We´re looking forward for a very exciting and interesting 2nd runway challenge, one step closer to MISS SL 2015.

Kind regards

Marcus Lefevre
MISS SL Organization | Owner

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March 2015




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