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MISS SL 2015 – Grand Finale dedicated to Nepal Charity

Due to recent happenings at the so called roof of the earth and neighbouring countries, which have filled the news of the past weeks, the organization team of MISS SL 2015 have expressed their wish, to dedicate the Grand Finale to a charity benefiting the victims and suffering citizens of Nepal.

We`re asking the candidates for MISS SL 2015 to contact the designers of their formal gown dress and to ask them, if they are willing to donate the proceeds from the dresses after the Grand Finale, for 2 weeks to help the cause. The candidates are asked to let us know as soon as possible the reply of the designers and/or if they eventually may need the organization team to mediate.

The dedication of the finale to this particular charity will not effect the process of the pageant in any way. The designers can choose freely to participate or not. A negative decision by the designer will be accepted and understood and may not and will not reflect on the candidate.

MISS SL Organization will contact participating designers in order to help for the set up with the sales vendors. To reply a raised question, we´re making clear here, that it is our normal understanding, that dedicated dresses certainly may get sold afterwards normally in the designers shops.

We`d hope to be able to inform you about the summary of all proceeds gained from the MISS SL 2015 dresses after the two weeks and hope that we`re able to help the citizens of Nepal this way best as we can to mild the pain, hunger and grief experienced through the devastating earthquake.

I personally would like to thank the MISS SL Organization team for standing up and expressing the idea of the dedication for this important cause and the candidates for their participation.

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre
MISS SL Organization | Owner


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May 2015


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  1. Barney Helendale
    Barney Helendale says:

    Great Works to Come. – “JOIN HANDS”

    We can accomplish great things in RL and SL, when we “Unite” to work together. Many wonderful people, from many walks of life, whether SL or RL, stepping up to help and support the people of Nepal. A “Common” goal. Joining Hands, working together.

    —-Making a Difference——

    People Supporting People
    Friends Supporting Friends

    “Strength of People, Strength of Character.”


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