MISS & MR SL YoungStar 2017 – Title Assignment

Picture by Tommy ‘N-Gons’ Numbers JR. (Tyiler Scarborough)

In yesterday’s first audition for the new MISS & MR SL YoungStar 2017 Pageant. we had 8 aspirants walking the runway in their Anime Fashion inspired styling. We believe that the judges did not have an easy task to decide for each individual aspirant, if they should become official finalist for the pageant. All of the aspirants have been eager and determined to show their inspiration, their creativity and their talent just beautifully and all together is has been a fabulous show, one we will remember long.

Even happier we were, when we learned, that every of the aspirants got enough votes from the judges to enter the competition as finalists. We have concluded yesterday’s meeting after the audition with the submissions of fictional places, the finalists want to choose for their pageant title. The titles get assigned by first come first serve basis and so they did not wait but submit their choices very quickly.

As result we are very happy to announce all 8 finalists officially with their title, in alphabetical order by their chosen and assigned title:


• MISS SL ♛ Eden 2017 – Rehana Seljan

• MR SL ♛ Gotham City 2017 – MckenzieKy

• MISS SL ♛ Hogsmeade 2017 – ithilwenRose

• MISS SL ♛ Moon Kingdom 2017 – myinnerbeauty

• MISS SL ♛ Neverland 2017 – Brenna Destiny

• MISS SL ♛ Rivendell 2017 – JourdainRose

• MISS SL ♛ Wonderland 2017 – Fabbyoung

• MR SL ♛ Zion 2017 – Bouyah

Congratulations to this 8 official finalists to the MISS & MR SL YoungStar 2017 Pageant, we are very happy to have you with us!

All this finalists have received the pageant group and instructions how to style their titles. This first rounds finalists are invited to join the second audition, coming Saturday July 15, as well. If they decide to participate, they will not be judged and do not risk their already gained title and participation in the finale.


We are very happy and grateful for the many comments and positive feedback we have received after yesterday’s audition. We feel even more vindicated and motivated for our new journey with the young models of our community.  We would like to establish the YoungStar pageant as a annual occuring event between the MISS and the MR SL pageant and will adapt the entry conditions and sequence of events within, for the future rounds if we see required. We are always happy to listen and considerate about suggestions.

The call for the second audition of this year’s MISS & MR SL YoungStar competition will be announced tomorrow, Monday July 10, in the late evening SLT. The application is still open. Everyone with an apparent or assumed age of 13 to 25 can apply for the MISS & MR SL YoungStar competition.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our sponsors. Your support is crucial for the success of our events and we hope that we are able to meet your expectations as well. We also thank the judges who came yesterday and offered their expertise and time, to see and evaluate the participants.

It has been a great joy to see yesterday, how quickly the social networks filled with fantastic photographs posted by our wonderful audience and we would like to share some with you all.


Pictures posted by Moon Ling:



Pictures posted by SaianSamuel, MR SL 2016:



Pictures posted by Neo Novantuno (click to see the whole album):



Pictures posted by Tommy ‘N-Gons’ Numbers JR. (Tyiler Scarborough)



We are always happy to see our events shared within the social networks by our community and this pictures will be great memories of a remarkable event, we have witnessed yesterday. A number of pictures have also been shared to Flickr, showing the single candidates individual performances on the runway.

Thanks again to everyone for your tremendous support to our events and to MISS SL Organization.

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

For more informations about MISS SL Organization, follow us!

© July 2017 – a MISS SL Organization Press Release



MISS & MR SL Youngstar 2017

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