MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2017 – Picture Challenge “Back to School”

Hello candidates to the MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2017 Pageant. We hope you are all well and up for the challenges to come. Before we reveal the styling themes for the Grand Finale to you, we want to distract you a little, with a picture challenge. Please know, that a picture challenge is voluntary for the participation in the pageant, but it allows you to gain a few extra points towards your final competition scores.

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In our picture challenge we want you to imagine, that you go back to school (or college) the first day after the summer holidays again. The first day of the new session clearly is an exciting one, where we get to meet our friends again, where new students join classes, new teacher get introduced and eventually you have made yourself the promise to succeed this time better than in the previous year. Of course, you want to show yourself to everyone from your best side, recovered and fresh from the holidays, some beach tan, a new hair dress, these fancy shoes that everyone wants to have and surely a little more grown than before the holidays. It’s the day to dress and impress.


Source: https://www.pinterest.de/ELLE_Germany/

We ask to style an outfit that you would want to wear for one of this first school days after the holidays and to take a photography of it, in any way you see fit. That may include a decorated scene, which supports your outfit (i.e.  a classroom) but does not have to. The focus in the picture has to be your clothing. A fashion (blog) photography makes only sense, if details of the clothing are recognizable. If you wish to edit the picture with photoshop or other software, please make sure not to overprocess the colors and fabrics of your outfit with unnecessary filters.

  • Your picture must have a least size of 1024×1024 pixels. Fashion photographer and social media experts do recommend pictures ratio of 4:3 (i.e. 2048 px wide x 1536 px high) or 3:4, to photograph a complete scene a ratio of 16:9 or 16:10 may be required.
  • Upload your picture to your Flickr account and add it to the YoungStar group. You must be member of the group, to be able to add pictures.
  • Give your picture the title as following: MISS (or MR) SL ♛ (your title) – Back to School – Picture Challenge, e.g. MR SL ♛ Hogwarts 2017 – Back to School – Picture Challenge.
  • Add to your description a detailed credit list or a link to a post on your own blog, if you have one, where all credits are listed.
  • You may add more than one picture to the group, but please be aware, that your last submit picture, that is labeled as  “- Back to School – Picture Challenge” will be taken as submission for the judges.

Your picture must be submit by Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 until 12:00 p.m. SLT. Five independent judges will review your pictures for the quality, focus, scene, overall impression. The picture must be a photography taken by yourself. It is not allowed to submit a photography done by anyone other but yourself.


Source: https://www.pinterest.de/source/lookbook.nu/

The judges will give 1-10 points for each picture they review. The amount of points given to one picture gets divided through five (number of judges) and multiplied by three, to receive the score that will be added to your competition score ahead the Grand Finale. The result of the judges scoring will be disclosed within the finale.

Please note:

  • We may ask you kindly to refrain from manga inspired ‘lolita school uniform’ looks. This is not a challenge to make old men drooling over lollipop sucking cute girls, or boys.
  • Our judges panel are experienced photography and social media experts, who will not measure your photography based on faves or groups you add your Flickr picture to.
  • Please know, that even if you feel, that your photography skills are not that far yet, everyone has begun at some point and our judges too. They are able to recognize and will acknowledge your effort with their scoring. Please don’t be afraid to show your picture with a screenshot to our team or me in a personal IM before upload and we may give you advise, how to improve, if necessary.
  • You may post your picture to other social networks and blogs, please make sure to refer to your Flickr upload and the picture challenge.
  • Please do not use logos from any brand, organization or event in your picture.

Source: stylishwife.com

We wish you much fun with this styling and photography challenge and look forward to see your submissions.

Good Luck!

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

For more informations about MISS SL Organization, follow us!

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