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Egoisme URBAN WARRIORS - deejay

When it comes to fashion, we at EGOISME never forget the younger generations, who are nowadays looking for a comfortable and colorful look, to express their lifestyle.

Egoisme URBAN WARRIORS - monkey

Today we´re very pleased to be able to release another addition to our urban male collection, which is dedicated to the younger men, who desire to have a cool and modern style. Our new release URBAN WARRIORS is a hoodie in high qualitative mesh and can be worn with or without the additional baseball cap, our team have designed especially for this hoodie.

Egoisme URBAN WARRIORS - baseball

URBAN WARRIORS comes in 5 different designs, each handcrafted with high qualitative fabric and motive pattern only, to allow a most realistic feel when wearing the hoodie and together with this very stylish baseball cap you will impress your buddies easily with your sense of timeless, but very modern and urban fashion.

Egoisme URBAN WARRIORS - cerveza

URBAN WARRIORS is also available as fatpack, so you`ll be easily able to mix and match. If you go to meet with your friends, for sports, in school or whereever you go with URBAN WARRIORS, you make one statement:

You´re very cool!

Egoisme URBAN WARRIORS - beware


EGOISME Fashion Galleria

The photos do not necessarily reflect the final effect upon wearing this product depending on pose, advanced lightning models, windlight settings.

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EGOISME Fashion Galleria

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