We at EGOISME have a passion for fashion, which can be worn by anyone and for any occasion and yet is an eyecatcher and compliments our customers in every situation. One key to reach this goal is, that the designer team of EGOISME only use high qualitative mesh.

Egoisme Urbanscout blue petroleum

Today we`re very proud to prove our highly set claim by releasing the Leather Jacket URBAN SCOUT. This jacket is the ultimate fashion statement for the cool and casual man, who demands quality even in his everyday wear. The designer team of EGOISME have hand crafted this highly detailed textures with the premium quality mesh and the result speaks for itself.

Egoisme Urbanscout military green

URBAN SCOUT is a leather jacket, which transmits the feeling of wearing a real leather jacket, you almost can smell the fresh leather, which gives you the masculine touch, you´ve deserved. You´re a grown, sportive and sophisticated man and URBAN SCOUT reflects this features at you like a second skin.

Egoisme Urbanscout wine red

URBAN SCOUT comes in 4 different leather colors and each color with a choice of different T-Shirts to wear beneath and a shirtless option. It comes with an easy-to-use HUD to change quickly between shirts.

Egoisme Urbanscout copper leather


We at EGOISME really hope, that our men will enjoy this pretty cool leather jacket!

Egoisme Urbanscout black leather

The photos do not necessarily reflect the final effect upon wearing this product depending on pose, advanced lightining models, windlight settings.

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