Country Assignments of the 14 Candidates from 2nd Live Audition!




Here is the OFFICIAL list of the new CANDIDATES for MISS SL 2015 and their country assignment, in no particular but alphabetical order:


BloodyMistress Serenity – MISS SL ♛ Angola
Ch4ntal Resident – MISS SL ♛ Ireland
Laiti Resident – MISS SL ♛ France
Layka63 Resident – MISS SL ♛ Venezuela
LeezahKaddour Resident – MISS SL ♛ South Africa
Memole Giha – MISS SL ♛ England
Mio Linette – MISS SL ♛ Indonesia
Misoindite Romano – MISS SL ♛ Belgium
Nefertiti18 Resident – MISS SL ♛ Colombia
Precise Frimon – MISS SL ♛ Puerto Rico
stregavento Nguya – MISS SL ♛ Monaco
Sydney420 Ashbourne – MISS SL ♛ Canada
Trinity Graves – MISS SL ♛ USA
Valsnia Resident – MISS SL ♛ India


The list of all OFFICIAL CANDIDATES for MISS SL 2015 sorted by countries, after the 2nd Live Audition:

MISS SL ♛ Angola – BloodyMistress Serenity
MISS SL ♛ Belgium – Misoindite Romano
MISS SL ♛ Brazil – Nayomi Gartner
MISS SL ♛ Canada – Sydney420 Ashbourne
MISS SL ♛ Colombia – Nefertiti18 Resident
MISS SL ♛ England – Memole Giha
MISS SL ♛ France – Laiti Resident
MISS SL ♛ Germany – Zaara123 Resident
MISS SL ♛ Iceland – Lilliibeth Resident
MISS SL ♛ India – Valsnia Resident
MISS SL ♛ Indonesia – Mio Linette
MISS SL ♛ Ireland – Ch4ntal Resident
MISS SL ♛ Italy – Astralia Resident
MISS SL ♛ Japan – Shinobu Istmal
MISS SL ♛ Kazajistan – YeriakTH Couturier
MISS SL ♛ Mexico – Euridice Qork
MISS SL ♛ Monaco – stregavento Nguya
MISS SL ♛ Puerto Rico – Precise Frimon
MISS SL ♛ Poland – jj26 ragu
MISS SL ♛ Portugal – Diconay Boa
MISS SL ♛ Spain – Naarnisse Resident
MISS SL ♛ South Africa – LeezahKaddour Resident
MISS SL ♛ Venezuela – Layka63 Resident
MISS SL ♛ Vietnam – Rehana Seljan
MISS SL ♛ USA – Trinity Graves

Due to recent conversations I´d like to express once again, that those ladies, who didn`t make it in the previous auditions, are entitled to enter the third audition without having to apply again. In order to do so, please contact Ponchituti Boucher as soon as possible. Those who have not been picked for the previous auditions I may encourage, to send in a new application with another headshot, which reflects their actual look in Second Life at its best. The new application round starts at Feb 01st, 12 a.m.

The ladies who have been selected, please note, that you`re required to have the MISS SL Pageant group inworld, in order to receive all necessary informations for, about and around the process of the pageant. Further, please reserve Saturday, January 31st, 10 a.m., in your schedules for a meeting with me and the pageant organization team.

Thank you all so very much, it`s been a beautiful ride so far.


Marcus Lefevre

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Jan 2015

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