Congratulations to Celestina`s Weddings and Crie Style

I´d like to express on behalf of the whole MISS SL Organization congratulations and our best  wishes to two brands who celebrate anniversaries in this days.

One is Crie Style, represented by Grazioso Alekseev, celebrating the 7th Anniversary of Crie Style. Crie Style is well known for their precious and elegant eye wear, precisely handcrafted miniatur art works to wear to underline uniqueness. Grazioso, congrats on the Anniversary and we wish you many years more.




Crie Style release an anniversary edition of the Bride Monocle, which you can get at the MAINSTORE.


The other brand is even celebrating their 10th anniversary and it`s no one less but our dear friends from Celestina`s Weddings! 10 years Sofia Corleone and her team have created memorable moments for wedding couples, sophisticated venues for all kind of shows, the MISS SL 2015 Grand Finale stages were the most recent example of their endless creativity.

Celestina`s Weddings offer a 10% Discount on their packages until July 31st, for weddings before August 15th. You can check the massive vary of options to choose from in their MAINSTORE.



Again, congrats to both brands for such a successful long time. You´re the visible proof that successful businesses grow with their experience but remain with their identity. Well done!

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization | Owner


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June 2015

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