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It has been a very amazing last audition on the most beautiful runway we could imagine, and the ladies who tried their luck today, have graced the runway best possible for sure. Without further ado we want to let you know the judges votes now, here are the ladies, who made it to be official candidate for MISS SL 2015!

AddyOmena Resident
AmYlY Verne
Eva Madenwald
Ivyana Szondi
Kim Rongyu
LaDuh65 Kimagawa
Lolita Dinzeo
Lucira Resident
Sakura Sugarplum
Susy49 Albatros
Vivienne Darcy

Congrats to this  ladies, who are very well deserved, OFFICIAL CANDIDATES FOR MISS SL 2015 now.

Those who find her names above, please contact Ponchituti Boucher or Shinya Tandino, or if both are offline, Marcus Lefevre, in order to instruct you for the selecting country process, also to send you the group required for the pageant participation.

Please remember, that you`ll have to attend one of the both meetings tomorrow, at 10 a.m. SLT or 05 p.m. SLT.

To those who didn`t make it today, please don´t be disappointed. We do hope, that you take the many opportunities in Second Life, to continue in your process of evolving and growing. We`d like to invite you to participate in MISS SL 2016 next year. Please keep in mind, that MISS SL Organization remains available for you, for any questions you may have or help you need. Please let us know.

We`d like to express our deepest gratitude for all the help and support we received for todays live audition. Such success we`ve experienced today with the smooth and perfect choreography and coordination would not be possible without you.

Endless thanks and appreciation to our fantastic judges, who had the hard task to choose the candidates today.

And last but not least, to our FABULOUS sponsors. MISS SL 2015 could not happen without your invaluable support.

We hope, that the audience have enjoyed the audition as much as we did, and look forward for the challenges to come now in the pageant. The first MISS SL 2015 runway challenge will be situated on March 21st at FASHION FOR LIFE!


Marcus Lefevre
MISS SL Organization | Owner

Ponchituti Boucher
MISS SL Organization | CEO

Boniefacio Resident
MISS SL Organization | COO / Chief Instructor

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© March 2015 MISS SL Organization

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  1. Susy49 Albatros
    Susy49 Albatros says:

    sono talmente onorata ed emozionata di essere entrata in questa famiglia
    cercherò di non deludere e di dare il meglio di me stessa
    la sfida è aperta, avanti tutta are so honored and excited to be joined in this family
    I hope not to disappoint, I will give the best of myself
    the challenge began, full speed ahead


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